5 Things About Me

Several weeks ago, KathyC tagged me for this meme. Because I'm was so far behind on my blog reading I didn't even know she'd tagged me until this past weekend. So without further ado, here are 5 things about me that you didn't know:

1. I haven't shaved my legs since early December. That sounds kind of gross, doesn't it? But it's winter and Lulu is the only one that sees my legs beside me. Plus, the hair is long and soft now, not itchy. In fact, it is so long that when I took Lulu for a walk tonight, wearing capri pants, the hairs were blowing in the wind. That freaked me out a bit but not enough to shave. It's kind of liberating plus, and this leads into my next thing, it's fun to pluck the hairs out.

2. I have an obsession with my hair and plucking ones I think don't belong, whether the hair is on my head, my eye brows or my cheek (c'mon, like you've never had a random billy goat hair show up). Hours upon hours have been spent examining my hair to find one that isn't right to pluck it out. I think it started when brown hairs started creeping in, then it was the wire-y gray ones, then the fine white ones.

3. I can not go to bed without brushing my teeth. Most people brush their teeth before bed, but I mean right before bed. There is an entire night time ritual that must be followed that consists of: time plucking hairs (see above), removing eye makeup, brushing teeth, taking any pills and then going straight to bed. Any deviation, like taking a break in the middle to blog, means I have to brush my teeth again.

4. I really dislike getting my face wet. That's why I only wash my face in the shower and must dry my eyes off right away.

5. Whenever I spend the night at my cousin's in Houston, as I fall asleep I mentally remodel the guest suite. If I'm in a meeting or lecture in which I'm not paying attention, the room that gets the mental remodel is the master bedroom in the house I grew up in. Strangely enough, I never get very far because my mind wanders off to something else.

So to sum up, this post should really be entitled "why Elizabeth might possibly be a little bit crazy".


  1. I do the remodel thing all the time when I am stuck somewhere with nothing to do. AND my mind wanders away quite frequently as well.

  2. I rarely shave my legs from September to May. If the hair weren't so sparse I'd braid it.

  3. Haven't shaved my legs in quite some time, either. But, I must shave under my arms every single day, no matter what! (Much like your brushing teeth right before bed thing.)

    We all have our little 'things'...I'm quite "Monk-ish" myself!

  4. oh my gawd! <--- attempt at texan talk

    I'm so glad you're a lil crazy, coz I am too! haha.

    I didn't shave my legs till last weekend when I headed to Cuba Libre. I was afraid that if I crossed my legs, and my pants ride up a lil, my extremely long hair will peak from underneath. Or god forbid, if I was in an accident, and the paramedics had to cut some of my clothes off to rescue me, I think I would die of humiliation instead of injuries from the accident.

    And I wash my hands as often as I can that my hands get all dry sometimes.

    And I'm horrible at meetings. They just bore me to death. Most of the time, I'm not even paying attention, and people can literally see my eyelids getting heavier and heavier.

  5. Hair plucking? Trichotillomania! I have that, too, but with me it's eyelashes. I've stopped since going on Zoloft. I think it's anxiety related, for me at least.