A geyser in my kitchen

broken faucet
So you know what happens when your kitchen faucet breaks off in your hand? Yeah, it kinda looks like that, only smaller.Guess who'll be rinsing her cereal bowls in the bath tub until she gets around to purchasing and installing...okay hiring someone to install, a new faucet?

That's right. Me!


  1. yuck. i just had sink problems the other month. and didn't even realize that the pipe under the sink was leaking. didn't realize it for a long time. oops.

  2. Oops. I've had a geiser in my bathroom, but not the kitchen, though it seems that all the faucets in my house have problems at the moment.

  3. Seriously you can install it yourself. As long as there is a shut off valve below and you buy the plumbing tape and putty - they come with instructions!

    Must have been fun (not).

  4. Ooops!

    Can your dad handle that?

    And I always basically wash my dishes before I put them in the dishwasher, too! lol!