Feeling better and so I ramble

I must be feeling better, because even though I can't smell anything and have to breathe with my mouth open, I want doughnuts. Where does this craving come from? I don't even like doughnuts all that much. In fact, I'm not even hungry right now but the craving for a KK is so intense that it's nearly enough to make me actually leave my house today.

That's right, I'm playing hermit again. Although, Lulu and I did go outside twice today. Once to check the mail, which wasn't there, and another to check the mail again as we waved goodbye to my parents (aka gramma & grampa) who had stopped by for a visit. Here's where you get a glimpse of the crazy....I am still wearing the same clothing I wore all day yesterday. Friday at my office is casual dress and since I was feeling sickly, I took the opportunity to wear the closest thing to pajamas that I have. Black knit boot cut pants and a long sleeve t-shirt. This outfit is so comfy that I decided to sleep in it as well. Even kept my socks on.

Okay, I just scared myself a little. But I promise to take a shower and leave the house tomorrow. And you know I will because a local quilt shop is having a sale in honor of Superbowl Sunday AND opening early. Yay!

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