Weekend Report

On Saturday night, I went downtown to Cuba Libre to meet up with 2 complete strangers. Those of you that really know me, know that this is no easy task. But I am determined to live less of a hermit life and get out there and meet new people and do fun things. One of the women, T, had posted an ad on Craigslist looking to make new friends. She sounded pretty cool so I figured why the hell not. But when she emailed me asking me to meet up I started to waiver. While I was trying to decide how to respond, I cruised on over to see what Crazy Aunt Purl had to say. One of her posts had this very wise gem:
"Suit up, show up and act as if."
Otherwise known as "fake it till you make it" (not that kind of faking! you dirty bird). So I did. I suited up (jeans, t-shirt, jacket that would make Stacey & Clinton proud), showed up (after driving around for 10 minutes trying to figure out where to park downtown), and acted as if (I just started making convo with the bartender and then the women). And y'know what? Nothing bad happened. No one laughed at me. They laughed WITH me. It was cool. I'm glad I went.

Lulu was kind of sad that I left her at home and spent most of the day moping in one of her favorite spots.


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  1. well good for you! i would've told you to go as well.

    i'd like to sulk in that corner, too.