Things to Do

Now that the scarf project has been finished I can let myself begin something new. Where to start, there are so many!

1. Read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince--I started this last night but didn't read far as I was very sleepy.

2. Finish my first every quilt--need to cut out borders, quilt, bind, etc

3. Make some criss cross coasters for gifts--have fabric and giftee in mind.

4. Sew up some bolsters and throw pillows for the guest bed.

5. Put together the Ikea Billy bookcase for the kitchen to house all my cookbooks.

6. Create throw pillows for sofa--have tenative beginning.

7. Scrapbook some of the gazillion Lulu pictures--have all the stuff, just need to sit down and do it.

8. File away a years worth of papers--all the things that needed shredded have been shredded. Now I'm down to one small Container Store bag of things to file. Most of the paper probably do not need to be kept, but you never know and I do have a file system set up that I used to use once upon a time. Where did my super organized-ness go?

9. Figure out what Stampin' Up stuff I need to order so I'm prepared for the next meeting.

And because I think a blog post is more interesting with photos....here's a photo from October of me and my sister and our doxies.

Awwww, sisters.
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  1. Oooo! That quilt is gonna be gorgeous! I already love the top!

  2. That quilt is going to be beautiful! I am also just in the process of putting together my first quilt, but I doubt it will be anything like your gorgeous work of art!!

    Happy New Year,

  3. you are so crafty. i need to have you do all of these things for me. yes i do.