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That's right. Still, the scarf is not finished and I'm not letting myself start another project or book until the ends have been woven in. *sigh* Let this be a lesson. Never knit for someone you don't love.

You know how my day has been? Let me just tell you that as I was backing down the driveway this morning I managed to hit my trashcan. But don't worry, nothing was hurt. Then, when I went to the chiropractor/massage therapist, some idiot decided that he was going to ignore my blinker and the fact that the front half of my car was already in his lane and whiz right by me as I tried to take the north mopac fly over from 183. Ya'll Austinites know what fun that can be. Let's just say that I was deeply intouch with my anger at that point. So of course that just made me more tense and the massage was not the fun, relaxing kind. No, it was the kind where the guy uses his elbow and leans on you with all his weight.

So tonight is going to be spent loafing on the sofa. Yes, I know that is the standard Friday night protocal, but I won't be knitting. My back muscles doth protest.

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