You say that like it's an easy thing

Yesterday, Lulu was not acting like herself at all. It turns out that we both have the same back problem! Bulging/leaky discs. Thankfully, it is in the early stages and if we can stop or slow the progression of the disease Lulu won't need surgery. The vet has put her on bed (i.e. crate) rest. She's not to jump up or down or exert herself in any way.

It's a good thing that Lulu is the laziest dachshund I've ever known so there are only a few lifestyle changes for her. She has to be crated when I'm not home but she doesn't seem to mind much. Last night I let her still sleep with me and as soon as the alarm went off she jumped off the bed. So tonight she'll have to sleep in the crate again. I feel bad about that, but I feel worse when I hear her whimper and see that she won't eat (not even people food). When weighed at the vet yesterday she was down 2 pounds and tonight I can easily feel the bumps of her spine. Normally there is a thin layer of fat (hello, oxymoron!) there and her back is just flat.

So please send healing thoughts our way.


  1. Poor Lulu. Poor YOU! That's gotta be hard! Is she on crate rest indefinitely?

  2. EK - I hope Lulu feeling better. Our dachshud, Serena, has disc problems too. We had to cut out the three miles walks and move her crate to the downstairs. After a round of steroids and some rest she seems to be better. It's so awful to see them in pain.