He's back

The possum is back. He's been back for a while, but tonight is the first night that Lulu has gone crazy about it. Currently, she's barking and spinning in circles at the back door. Guess I need to get the humane trap from the HOA president. For all I know, it's a she and has babies in her pouch. Did you know that baby possums only gestate for 13 days! Of course, then they stay in the momma's pouch for a while. I know this because I google.

Most of the time I am not bothered by Lulu's incessant barking at the thing, but when it's late I worry about her bothering the neighbors. But really, it's the only time she barks and she gets lots of exercise running back and forth across the yard.

1 comment:

  1. Good luck with the possum thing. At least it's not coyotes...like we have here. (Note for future reference: DO NOT leave your shoes out in the yard overnight!)

    And where did you find those cupcakes? Did you make them or were they at a bakery or something? They look so good!

    I also noticed you are a fan of Law & Order...it's about the only thing I ever watch on TV! lol! (Any one of them...I love 'em all!)