Suddenly this morning it hit me. I have a big time craving for chick'n dumplings. Specifically, the ones from Threadgill's. They used to be the Thursday special, but I can't find anything on the web site stating that, so I'll just have to remember to check back tomorrow. I like theirs because the chicken is boneless. You know that sound Homer Simpson makes when he's drooling over a donut? I made the same sound when looking for pictures to post.

Other things I'm constantly craving are Twizzlers Twerps. Of course, I can no longer find them anywhere. Seriously, I will stop at every Target I pass looking for them, because Target is the only place I ever saw them. I did find them online and even put them on my Amazon.com wish list.

Since I can't have Twerps, I've found a substitute that will do. Sour Punch Straws. I had never tried these until I got some in a swap package. So yummy and fun to eat!


  1. aren't dumplings just so good? i think they ar a comfort food sometimes.

    twerps is an awful name.

  2. Way back in the day, when I was in college, we used to eat at Threadgill's all the time...I loved their chicken fried steak!

    I've never had the Twerps, but, when I was pregnant with Claire I seriously craved sour stuff, and used to eat the green apple sour straws all the time.