Another reason why Google rocks

I found out about the newest cool gadget from Google, via my friend Katie. She had a link to the Gmap Pedometer on her blog and with it I was able to figure out that the little walk Lulu and I do is a mile. The longer walk is 1.6 miles. Sure seems longer, but that could be because Lulu's legs are only like 3 inches long.

Speaking of Lulu, poor thing is tuckered out. Today I took her to the vet to have her teeth cleaned. Despite the fact that my credit card squeeled in pain with the $400 charge, I just could not take her ass breath any longer. It was so bad. So very bad. Worse than her Frito smelling feet. But seriously, people, isn't $400 a bit much? I know the dog has to be put under and all but give me a break!

Goal for the new year: get some pet insurance!

Anyway, Lulu put herself to bed around 6:30 and didn't even make a peep with the possum feeding neighbors were making loud noise in the backyard. It sounded like they were chopping wood, or at least I hope that's what it was. I did my best to be a nosy neighbor, but I wasn't going to climb on the rotting wood pile and peek over the fence.

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  1. cool, i didn't know about Gmap Pedometer. but the friend with whom i walk will be very interested. we thought one way to spice up walking around the indoor track is to chart our progress from east tn. to wherever. a coast, maybe?