What was I thinking

I don't even remember writing last night's blog post. So, no more popping an ambien and then blogging for me. Who knows what kind of crazy confessions I might make!

Today I saw the dermatologist. You'll all be so relieved to know that I'm going to live. The mole is nothing but a "red spot". Hmmm, okay but it's still gross. He zapped a bunch of spots on my shoulders with liquid nitrogen (oh the burning), told me I have dandruff (gee thanks), and gave me an rx for some face wash so I can have beautiful skin again.

This evening I went to my little research focus group thing. Guess what it was on? Just guess! The iPhone and what kind of information we'd like to be able to access from it. Too bad there weren't actual iPhones to play with. That would have been awesome.

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  1. Oh my gosh, that entry was TOO funny. I'm impressed that you were able to blog at all. And yes, I agree, October 1st is the most wonderful day in teh world.