Blogging under the influence

first let me apologize for the randomness of this post. You see, about 10 minutes ago, I took my first ambien. I'm feel a little bit like I drank too many margaritas, only with out the acid reflux (damn getting old suxs).

Okay gotta make this fast, the words are getting blurry. Side affects of this medication may make do inappropriate things like sleep driving (HIDE THE KEYS), making and eating food, making phone calls and having sex. Sounds to me like one big house party. WHATCHOUT

as I can no longer really see what I'm typing I should probably just brush teeth and plop into bed,

PS....Lulu got sprayed by a skunk last night while visiting my parens. Glad they are dealing with the destinking and not me.

PPS....aren't those flowers pretty? my brithday is coming up. maybe i've mentioned it? It's on Wednesday October 1st. The most wonderful day in teh world. everyone should love me on that day.

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