Race music

I'm being optimistic that Hurricane Earl is going to take a turn and pass Virginia Beach by. Also that my sinus infection thing will clear up in the next couple of days, because running with clogged ears will be a bitch. Plus I'll have to turn my ipod up to eleven!!11.

So I'm working on crafting the perfect playlist and thought I'd share some with you. Some are new to me and some are just faves. No judging.

<a href="http://gramrabbit.bandcamp.com/track/bloody-bunnies-superficiality">Bloody Bunnies(Superficiality) by Gram Rabbit</a>

There's also a whole lot of Britney (in her trashy phase), 80s and early 90s one hit wonders and twangy you-broke-my-heart-so-now-I'm-gonna-kilt-yer-dawg type country. Don't judge my music until you've run 13.1 miles in a hurricane.

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