Eat Pray Love

I know, everyone is writing about this movie. You know me, ever the follower, just like a sheep. Baaa baaa baaa. Anyway. Last night I went to see this movie with my good friend from college, Nikki, who even though she lives just down the road I hardly ever see. But last night we managed to meet up, have dinner and squeeze in some shopping before the movie.

We popped into Target to get cheap candy for the movie because after paying $10 for a movie ticket I refuse to pay $12 for a box of m&ms. Okay it might not be $12 but you know what I mean. While I was in there I bought some new shoes. They are beautiful burgundy red patent pumps. I'm wearing them now. With my t-shirt and running shorts. It's hot. I know.

So on to the movie. I hadn't read the book and didn't really know much about the story. I was just going because the trailer looked interesting and I wanted to hang out with my friend. The movie was alright. Personally, I think they could have cut out most of the India section. But it really made me want to take a long trip to Italy so I could learn Italian and eat delicious food.

The Bali section was fun to watch too, mostly because then I want to spend some time lounging around in a thatched roof hut without a care in the world. In this scene you were supposed to be all "awwww romantic" but I was "damn, that house is awesome". Okay, the romance bit was good too. But I was distracted because Javier Bardem looks so much like Jeffrey Dean Morgan. And you all know how I feel about JDM.

So now I really need to start playing the lottery, because I hear that really helps increase your odds of winning, so that I can someday run off to Italy and Bali and dozens of other fabulous places.

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  1. Am in headache mode today so am distracting myself by going through my blog reader. I'm waaaay behind... A couple of points - total agreement about Javier. I was also distracted somewhat by the similarity. :) He is a hottie.

    AND I thought the book was much better. You'd have had more of an appreciation (maybe) for the India section if you'd read the book, or perhaps you'd have just been far more distracted by all of the differences, as I was, from the book.