I guess I should be comforted....

that there are 3 fire stations within 5 miles of my apartment. One is practically in my backyard so I hear its sirens frequently, the other is directly across from my office and the 3rd is just down the road from there. Tonight I could tell that the sirens weren't going away from me, but rather towards me. Two minutes later, or maybe even less, the truck pulls up right in front of my building. Guess it's a good thing I don't need to go anywhere because my car is now blocked by a fire engine and an ambulance.

Yes, I took Lulu out there as my "excuse" to be a nosy nelly to see what was going on. Some one is in their car and receiving medical attention. It looks like someone else was going to drive them to the hospital (I really should figure out where one is around here) but decided that it was better to call 911.

Anyway, just another exciting evening in suburbia.

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