Random Musings

Why is that Lulu hates the vacuum and will flee from it, so far as leaving the house and going outside even if it's in a different room than she, but will calmly sit in the backyard and let me mow within a foot of her? Dogs is weird.

Last night I watched that Britney Spears movie Crossroads and God help me, I cried. That's right, it made me cry. It's official...I am the world's biggest cry baby.

A couple of nights ago I had two very bad nightmares. One involving work and lots of yelling and the other involving the death of someone that used to be very important to me. Normally I don't read much into dreams but the death one stuck with me so much that I thought maybe it meant something. I wasn't about to call the person up and say "hey, are you dead?" so I did what every girl with stalker tendencies does....I put Google/Facebook/Myspace to work. You can not hide from that Internet holy trinity. If you exist on the web, they will find you. Results yielded not dead yet.

Last weekend I stopped to get a Diet Coke...I know, I'm not supposed to drink caffeine but I really really needed one...anyway, all the gas station had was Diet Coke tall boys. I felt kinda dirty. Like this should be in a brown paper bag.

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  1. Do you know if I can get a diet Coke in a 40oz can? Cuz, that would be sweet.