Baby it's cold outside


The Boyfriend is probably shaking his head at me right now. He's from Ohio, so this cold weather is like nothing to him. But as you all know, I'm freezing. As I leave for work this morning, I'm wearing tights under my pants and an extra shirt under my sweater. I feel a bit like a stuffed sausage. Or like Randy, from A Christmas Story, when he goes outside in he snow suit. However, if it keeps me warm it's worth it.


  1. ha it really is cold! u been watchin singoff? :)

  2. It's not cold until there is a minus sign in front of one of those numbers.

  3. I would rather have that than our balmy 70 plus degrees for 3 days then 50s the next. I want to wear cute scarfs,coats and hats, even for a few days...just no ice or heavy snow...