All I want for Christmas

No, not a hippopotamus. People have been asking what I want for Christmas and unfortunately, the things I want are not things they can be easily purchased. Here's a sample of things I want:

  • To never hear Taylor Swift on the radio again
  • To be warm at work (today I work a long sleeve shirt, a long sleeve sweater and a cardigan with a scarf. Also my pink puffy coat and gloves for half the day)
  • For my hair to never ever be frizzy again and to always look awesome
  • Long, dark eyelashes
  • A one story house that is self cleaning, with a fenced in year that is self raking

1 comment:

  1. That is a good list and pretty close to mine as well. I would have to add seat warmers for my car. I hate those minutes when your butt was actually warmer outside the car than when you got in.