Today I went to lunch at La Farm Bakery, in Cary. They were recently mentioned in the October issue of Cooking Light magazine and I've had things from there before, when someone brought treats into the office, so I thought it was time I actually made a visit. It's a cute little place, decorated to look like what I imagine a French bakery must look like (although I wouldn't know would I, since I've never been to France). Their menu is quite varied and I was pretty hungry so I had a hard time deciding what to try. Finally,the chicken salad croissant won out.

La Farm Bakery

I wish the chicken had been shredded or chopped finer, instead of in chunks, but it was very good. Also, they served it with a side of homemade potato chips with buttermilk ranch dip.

A+. Would dine again.

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  1. oooh yeah, la farm! love their BLTs, agree on the chickeny parts of the menu. sun brunch is also an a+!