The other day I was tweaking my photos with Picnik and was able to turn two okay photos into ones that, I think, are now pretty great.


For this photo I used only the Boost feature. It makes the colors really pop.


Lulu's photo uses both the Boost feature and the Vignette features. I like how it creates the soft framing.

There are also premium features available that seem to rival photoshop. I have photoshop on my computer but I have no idea how to use it. If I took more photos Picnik might be something I'd pay for but at this time the free portion works for me. I use the red eye feature often.


  1. Thanks for posting about Picnik - it is always good to hear about useful photoshopping sites. I use Google Picasa and sometimes Fotoflexer (both free), plus I have Photoshop Elements. I havent quite worked up the nerve to splurge for the full Photoshop program. Your weiner is so cute!

  2. I love Picnik. And I do pay for the premium. I love it. I don't have photoshop but Keli does. I tried playing around with it once or twice and was so bogged down in it I thought I was going to go crazy. TOO complex for me. Of course she had the full thing for art school. But still. WAY more than I wanted to digest.

    I LOVE what you did with both of these photos, Liz. I could scoop Lulu up and take her home with me.

  3. I'm just dropping by from Baxter's site. Lulu is adorable!! I have two mini's; drop on by and say hi. ;-)