Dear Texas Tech,

Yours is a very bad decision. I think you have made a very very bad mistake. Your timing suu-uucks. There is a time for firing and there is a time for waiting until after the bowl game. Maybe the player was mis-treated, maybe Leach is a giant jerk (really, did he slap kids around on national tv ala Bobby Knight?), maybe this is being blown way out of proportion....I don't know. I do know that there are a lot of pissed off people out there and they're going to yank their money and school support. And I know the crazy people are posting addresses and phone numbers of the parties involved so ya'll better get some security.

I'm cheap so I never actually gave you any money anyway. Good thing I didn't buy that Alamo bowl shirt I saw last weekend.

Disgruntled Red Raider

ps....I was actually going to watch that stupid game while I sat in my Texas Tech Cotton Bowl sweatshirt from 1992 but now I'm not. So boo on you, Gerald Meyers. I hope you like tortillas because I know your yard is covered in them right now.

pps....Dear God, thank you for making my boss like the other Michigan school so hopefully I won't have to hear all about this on Monday.

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