Reason # 833 of things I miss about Texas...

photo by pvsbond

Taco Cabana.
Where you can get a bean burrito any damn time you want.

2 am after a night of drinking?
Still open.
Eggs Mexicana hits the spot every time.

10 am after a workout at the gym.

Hot, fresh tortillas and a coke as big as your head. Perfection. And the best part...cheap...oh so very cheap!

I would have killed (okay that is hyperbole) for a bean burrito after working out this morning. Taco Bell, which I hesitate to call their food Mexican but in a pinch it will work, is not open that early.

So now I'm about to gnaw my arm off if I don't get some Mexican food. Because you know cravings just grow, right? I made the mistake of going to Trader Joe's and ended up buying salad fixin's (see, healthy food!) and forty-eleven boxes of cookies (oops, not healthy).

ps...I just looked to see how close I am to a TC (yeah, we're on a nickname basis). Atlanta, 341 miles away! I'll be back in Texas for Thanksgiving but there is just not enough time for me to eat at all my favorite places. Also, I might not fit on the plane if I ate that much.


  1. But we will stop at Rudy's on Wednesday evening when you get in.


  2. Maybe we should swing by TC after for the second course.