Knitting obsessed

It's true. I have a knitting obsession. Once again, it's nearly midnight and I find myself surfing Ravelry looking for patterns to knit. Never mind that I've not yet knit anything more complicated than a hat.

Last week I stopped in at Anthropologie, to check out their Christmas ornaments, and I fell in love with a scarf. It's not a particularly expensive scarf so really it would be cheaper (and easier, no doubt) for me to just buy it for myself. But no, I think I should try to knit it myself. I found a very similar pattern on Ravelry and I'm certain I could find a suitable yarn. But then I wonder, really, just how many scarves does a girl need?

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  1. zounds I just read that after this week's glee, it will be on hiatus til APRIL. It was like the only good new show....!