He was no JoJo*

This afternoon I was supposed to have a personal training session at my new gym. What I got instead was a lecture with someone I can only describe as the biggest asshole that I have met in a very long time. If I wanted to talk about my failures and why I'm fat I'd still be in therapy! I just wanted to work out! Tell me how much weight to lift and how many times. Don't lecture me about my eating/drinking/medications (why, yes, you in fact are not a neurologist/endocrinologist and I do in fact need those medications I am on. I don't just take them because I like to swallow pills!)

So after all that he asked me if I was ready to sign up for training sessions with him. Because my momma raised me right (which must be why I didn't just get up and leave) I politely said that I needed to think about it. He asked what there was to think about, why wouldn't I want to train with him? The wounded puppy dog look in his eyes when I said "well, I just don't like you" was almost worth it.

*my awesome trainer in Austin, who not only worked me hard but made me laugh

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  1. I loved JoJo. He was excellent and was a fantastic trainer. He knew how to make me realize that I wasn't doing my part with out being crappy to me.