My manager is making a trip to Ikea this weekend (the closest one is a couple of hours away, in Charlotte) and said she'd pick something up for me as long as it would fit in her car.

I'm in desperate need of a coffee table. There are bigger things I need too but a truck is required for those (also, money I have but don't want to spend right now).

What I'm considering, in order of price:

The Lack table, for a whopping $19.99 (this is the table you get when you can't decide what you want but really want a table to put your feet/magazines/knitting on)

The Expedit table is $69.99 and comes with a tempered glass top. It seems a bit low though.

The Vejmon table, which is $149.99 and looks similar to my previous table, is sort of my favorite right now.

I have interior design ADD and can never make up my mind. Sure I can make a decision for other people...but for myself is near impossible. I have a ticket to go to Market in High Point in October so maybe that will help me make a decision about what kind of bedroom furniture to eventually buy.

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