I decided to do something about it

After months, and I do mean months, of watching The Biggest Loser reruns just about every day, I finally got off my ass and worked out. What brought this on? You mean besides the huge feeling of fatness that surrounds me? I discovered that I have Fit Tv on Demand and it has Biggest Loser workouts! Now I can personally get yelled at by Bob and Jillian. AWESOME.

So tonight, I put on my tennis shoes and took Lulu for a long walk. Really. Actually, there was some running too. Lulu did really well for the first 15 minutes but not so good on the way back. Once I got home I started one of the workouts on the tv.

Let's just say thank goodness for the fast forward button. You can skip all those pesky lunges! But hey, it's a start and I'm all sweaty.

The new season of The Biggest Loser starts September 15th. Guess whose butt will be firmly planted on the sofa that night?!

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  1. Hmm, I need to check to see if I get that on Demand where I am at.