Compose 2
Do you dream about work? We're working on a massive bid, under a tight deadline, and I've been dreaming about work. Let me tell you, cubicles....not so pleasant to dream about. My youngest coworker says she sleeps just fine and has no dreams. The rest of us, those of us that have been doing this for years, we know better. I told her just wait, her time will come. I'm not sure what is worse...nightmares about work and things that can actually go wrong or dreaming that I've forgotten the combination to my high school locker and my class schedule.

**Not a photo of the bid, but a past project in Austin that was much more fun to work on.


  1. I used to dream that it was finals week. I realized that I had a final today in a class that I signed up for but had not attend all semester.

    I would always wake up in a cold sweat.

    A variation on the dream was that an "A" was required in the class in order for me to graduate this semester.


  2. Oh God, I've had that dream too where I don't remember the combination to my high school locker. Now, I dream about cosmetics or the computer.

  3. I constantly dream about construction documents and general contractors. Blah. great picture of the space you designed, btw!