Ice cream

I don't know how all those food bloggers do it, taking their fancy pictures. Today I am making Oreo Mint ice cream, from my Ben & Jerry's ice cream recipe book, and I was going to document my process for all ya'll. Do you know how hard it is to photography white?

But check out my oreos. Don't they look delicious?


I will let you know how the final product turns out.

edit: here's what I've learned...patience is important when making ice cream! I was over eager and put the oreos in too soon. That made the machine work too hard so I had to pull the soft serve style ice cream out. At the bottom of the container it was starting to turn into actual ice cream so if I had waited a bit longer...oh well it still tastes good and is in my freezer now. I think it could use more oreos. Good thing there are still some in the package.

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