Broken Gnome

I love this little guy. Today, after another exhausting day of work (yesterday I worked until 10pm, only taking 45 minutes to run home to feed & walk Lulu) I came home to find this. Apparently, there is a new maintenance man at my apartment complex and he got a bit carried away with the power washer. The management has offer to replace my gnome--yes, I did complain mainly because water also got under the front door--but he came from Ikea years ago and was like $2. Hopefully I can find that tube of superglue that I saw when I was unpacking.

Broken Gnome

Also, my gnome is a tough little dude. How hard do you have to be flinging that power washer around?! I hope this will not be the same guy that comes in to exterminate the giant spiders next week.

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