Where Lulu helps me knit

Lulu thinks she is a cat, which means she must be in my lap at all times. This is not as nice as it might sound. She doesn't like it if you get fidgety (for instance, playing Star Wars on the Wii....not so good for lap time my friends that watched Lulu over Christmas tell me).

Tonight I wanted to watch last weeks episode of CSI online and try to finish knitting a scarf (yes, it looks just like all my other scarves). Here's how that worked out:

CSI & knitting

It's a good thing I have a comfortable desk chair. This is the Zody by Haworth. Mine is black with a black & white wave-y stripe like pattern on the seat. I don't have a photo of it at the moment and I'm too tired to get up and take one for you. This is a chair I did for a mock up at work a couple of years ago.


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