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Today I drove into Raleigh, and after running my errand, decided to just drive around to see what I could see. I drove through downtown and there were police and what kind of looked like secret service agent every where. Then there was a huge house and people lined up around it for two blocks. Oh. That was the Governor's mansion and the inauguration is later today.

Then I kept on driving and look what I found!

Original Krispy Kreme

I think this is the original Krispy Kreme location. They originated in North Carolina, you know. So did Pepsi, Texas Pete's hot sauce (who knew!), Mt Olive pickles and Cheerwine soda (haven't tried that one yet so I can't tell you what it tastes like). I was still full from my sushi lunch at Whole Foods so I didn't stop hot a Hot! Fresh! donut. My ass will thank me later.

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