iSad redux

Yes, I know I said I wouldn't be posting again, but then something major happened this morning. My iPod died....again. This iPod isn't even two years old. So once again I made the trek to the Apple store to see what the deal was. I think I have a curse or something. At least it seems they have lowered the replacement price because I could have sworn I had to pay $75 last summer. So in addition to paying less money I am also getting more gigs because they no longer make the 30GB. Tomorrow I should have an 80GB classic iPod. Which is good because there is no way I can drive across the country from Texas to North Carolina without some music. You can't just rely on the radio. There could be nothing but banjo music! Sure I still have my shuffle but that holds what? 100 songs? Not enough time to craft a playlist of 100 songs that I can tolerate for 18 hours.


  1. Moving sucks. iPods help.

  2. I should have done this with MY dead iPod. Or should still do this. Smart girl.

    They do replacements for reduced fees, eh? I'm clueless. Mine has been sitting around dead for some time. Interesting.