Spring is here (or I Love Green)

Le Crueset has come out with a new color, a green called Fennel, that can only be found at Sur La Table. Green is my favorite color. But I really love the turquoise blue too. Would I get tired of a color after a while? Le Crueset is a big investment that it would be awful to start buying it in a color that I started to hate after a few years.

Speaking of green things, over the weekend I tried to finally do something about my lack of coffee table situation by purchasing 2 little end tables at Target. This is what happens when you aren't really paying attention.

I also went on a hunt for a dress to wear on my cruise and tried on this cute Calvin Klein number that I found at TJ Maxx. In the end I decided not to buy it though. The diagonal lines made me feel a bit like a mummy.
Green dress I didn't buy

Wow, could I be any whiter? I better stock up on some SPF before I get on that boat and maybe I should use some spray tan so my shipmates don't think that they are cruising with Casper!

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