Yeah, so

Here's the deal....

I'm working a lot and when I'm not working I'm either being lazy in front of the tv, multi-tasking by playing Bejeweled on the iphone, or hanging out with The Boyfriend.

Today I worked 12 hours. It's 9pm and I haven't had dinner yet. I'm not really hungry but am thinking I should eat something anyway.

Wow. Aren't you glad you read this?

This is where I would like to be. Wouldn't you rather be there too?


  1. I would definitely rather be there than here where my shoes are covered in red clay/mud after the snow melted too fast in our backyard and left a mess. I heart you little sun chair...

  2. Like 12 hour days are hard, thats my life this month, but I guess no complaints as I will be away next month...lets skype soon!