Do you do this?

When talking about a phone conversation do you hold your hand up to your ear with the thumb and pinky extended, as if to make a phone? That's not so strange, lots of people do that.

But do you mimic texting or typing? I found myself doing that today when talking about them. Is that strange? Maybe.

1 comment:

  1. That is not strange at all. I find myself doing this all the time. But not unconsciously, I do it on purpose as I feel it solidifies just that much more the idea I'm trying to get across. Though at work today when I couldn't think of the name of a system we use I did the typing motion to my boss as I said, "you know...the system (typing gesture)...where you enter the info (more typing gesture)...you know..." I feel in this situation it was strange because typing does not equate an online system. Let's hope this incident does not show up on my next review as "sandra is prone to using weird hand gestures at work that make co-worker's nervous."