Someday I will make this

Photo courtesy of Flint Knits

Remember the dachshund sweater I posted about a few weeks ago? Well the adorable dog modeling that sweater, Crush, has broken her leg and it's requiring expensive medical attention. Flint Knits created this adorable sweater pattern to help raise money to go towards his recovery. The pattern is only $6 so hurry and click over to her website and buy it! 

Of course I bought. What? No, I can't knit this. Are you kidding me? I haven't even made a plain sweater yet, much less one with multiple colors! In fact, I haven't made anything with multiple colors. Maybe by the time I figure it out I'll have a niece or nephew to knit for.


  1. Nothing wrong with buying a pattern for future use :) I think I'll be making it in the big kid size and just put it away for my kiddo.

  2. Oh yes, you need to learn to make this. Your future niece or nephew will love it.