Snowed out

Today's training did get canceled due to the snow but as soon as I'm done posting this I am headed to the gym. The roads are actually more clear than the previous snow we received but the sidewalks are wetter. So as much as I'd prefer to be outside, I also prefer to have dry toes.

Plus, I've already gotten wet toes this morning. Once again, my brain quit functioning and I forgot that Crocs and snow don't mix. I guess I keep thinking rubber+snow=good and then don't factor in the holes on the top of the shoes. See, when I took Lulu out at 7am I heard a Beagle baying in the woods. Didn't think much of it, as my neighbor has a Beagle. But when I went back out 2 hours later to take some photos the baying was still happening, louder, closer. This poor dog was running around in the woods behind my building. So I went back inside to get some cookies to try to lure her to me. That really pissed Lulu off. How dare I go outside without her and then I take her cookies with me?! But I wasn't able to catch her. Apparently, she's the only Beagle on earth uninterested in food.


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  1. oh what a cutie! her tail is magical! wonder if that beagle ever got to go back inside..yeah, snow fun before, but at least it didn't stick around long this time.