My newest addiction

Starbucks mocha, extra hot, with one pump of hazelnut. It tastes like Nutella. For real. I wake up thinking about this some mornings.

Tastes like Nutella!

If you go into the store, as opposed to the drive thru, don't forget to look around the counter for the little card with that week's iTunes giveway. I forgot to pick one up when I went yesterday so that just means I'll have to go again today, right? Because last week the free download was for the Snapseed app, which is an amazing photography app that is normally $4.99. Major score!

Look what it can do to a plain photo of Lulu:

Lulu as art

She looks like she was painted by Rembrandt!

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  1. Really? Nutella? That makes sense!! Wow! I never knew!! And beautiful dog!!!!