I should go to the grocery store? Last night I cleaned out the fridge and got rid of all the expired bottles of half used salad dressing, random jars of pickles and mustards.
Empty fridge

The to go box has left overs from dinner tonight (edamame and 3 pieces of a hurricane roll). And I've already finished up the last of that 2 liter of Diet Coke.  Two of those bottles of wine (well one is Proseco) are left over from NYE 2010. I never opened them and they've been there ever since. The third bottle was an impulse buy at Trader Joe's before Christmas. Who knows when I'll drink any of them. I've been on a Jack & Coke kick for a while, plus wine gives me the worst acid reflux and hangover these days.


  1. Mine does not look much different, except add some liquor and keep the stuff that hasn't been checked for expiration yet.

  2. our fridge doesn't look any better. the only difference might be the can of pumpkin that we give the dogs. it's a little depressing whenever i get the urge for a snack and realize i actually need to buy snacks if i want to be able to eat them at home.


  3. ha our fride could use a clean. love the framing on your pics. i need more photo software! :)