I am devastated.
Yesterday, Tom, The Boyfriend, collapsed in his home and died unexpectedly.
He made me so very happy and we were looking forward to building a life together.

Thomas M Piscitello Jr
September 13, 1974-September 14, 2011


  1. I just started following your blog a few days ago (brought by Baxter).... but was charmed by your messages and funny posts about your new life.

    I am so so so sorry for you! Take a deep breath and know that there are many, internet and real, who love you very much!!

    May you find peace and comfort today and the days to come.


  2. Liz, so sorry for your loss! Please know you are in my prayers.

  3. I wish I could find the right words to bring you comfort, but I know that words alone aren't going to fix your broken heart. But know that we will be here for you when you and Lulu. Warmest of hugs.

  4. There aren't enough words or any that are even good enough. I'm so sorry!

  5. No words are enough, but I am so sorry for your loss. *hugs from a kinda-stranger*

  6. Hi Elizabeth, we are so very sorry. You are in our thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time.

    Baxter's Dad

  7. Liz, I am so sorry for your loss. I have no words, I'm still in shock. Please know we are all thinking of you. Lots of love and hugs coming your way.