O Hai

Did you think I forgot about you, random blog readers? I could lie and say that life has been busy, but it hasn't. What have I been doing? Trying not to melt, as it's been crazy hot-as-Texas here in North Carolina, and watching too much television. Every time The Boyfriend calls he asks what I'm doing. Maybe he expects a different answer but it's always the same "nothing, watching tv". Because that's how I roll.

Anyway, I am very excited that I will be visiting my family in Texas in October and The Boyfriend is coming with me! Now I can take him to all my favorite eating places and prove to him that indeed, Freebirds is way better than Moe's.


  1. I'm so excited you'll be visiting in October. I can't wait to see you guys!

  2. So I have three (maybe four) days in Austin in a couple of weeks. HBB is coming with me (or rather, I'm going with him) because it is a work trip. He'll be working two of the days and I'm on my own. I'll be hitting a couple of yarn stores just to check them out because that's pretty much what I do these days - crochet. But what are my MUST DO stops while I'm there? Esp while I'm on my own? Or must eats? LOL

  3. Baxter's post sent me here! :) Glad to have another dachshund, and funny dachshund mom, added to my Google Reader!!

    ~Shelle, Milo and Dixie